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For years, Bakersfield Electricians has provided some of the best quality electrical rewiring services in the Bakersfield, CA area. Our electricians are highly trained and skilled, and have spent thousands of hours rewiring and renovating properties. We offer great services at a competitive price, and our team is available for projects of all budget sizes & needs.

From the inception of our business, our team has been dedicated to providing quality electrical services at reasonable rates for our clients. We are a full service electrical rewiring company located in Bakersfield, California, and service areas in and around our region. We specialize in residential electrical contracting and remodeling. Here at Bakersfield Electricians, we understand how important it is to make informed decisions about the people you hire to work on your home.

Bakersfield Electricians has years of experience in rewiring homes and businesses throughout California. Whether it’s lighting fixtures, outlet boxes or power points, we know electrical contracting like the back of our hands. We can handle any size job from small projects like rewiring outlets and switches to larger jobs like running new wiring through walls.

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Our team of expert electricians delivers exceptional electrical services to residential and commercial clients throughout the region. Since our inception, our goal has been to consistently offer the best prices in the industry while maintaining high levels of quality and customer service. We accomplish this by offering our clients a wide variety of electrical services including rewiring, home inspection, light installation, outlet installation, circuit breaker installation and replacement, fuse box replacement and large project management.

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We bring you a wide range of electrical services at an affordable price point. Whether it's faulty or flickering lights, damaged cords, malfunctioning circuit breakers, faulty electrical panels, power outages and surges, or the unwanted smell of burning plastic, here are some of the many services our Bakersfield electrical contractors have to offer. Check out our services pages here:

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Electrical Contractor Bakersfield CA

One of the biggest reasons that Bakersfield Electricians stands apart from other providers of electrical services is that we offer reasonable prices without sacrificing quality. When you need an electrician for a rewiring project, you naturally want them to do a great job, and most people are willing to spend what's required. But there's always a line, and sometimes, contractors cross that line. Not us. We respect your budget and manage your finances effectively to complete every job.

Ultimately, we have made it our priority to provide service that you can count on. Every one of our competent electricians is licensed, and all of our work is to-code and to-spec. Our focus is on your safety and comfort, and our business believes in giving back to the local community. All this (and more) is why we're consistently one of the top rated electrical service companies in Bakersfield CA.

Get great quality without breaking the bank. With Bakersfield Electricians, you get everything you asked for and more. We have a wealth of experience rewiring commercial properties and residential properties of all kinds, and our electricians are dignified professionals.

Our core belief is that a service should be done right the first time, and that is why our electricians are so focused on quality and your experience. We’re happy to work with you, no matter how big or small the job is - whether it's a residential rewire or a large commercial building renovation. Give us a call to get started today!

General Safety Tips, Bakersfield CA

  1. Electrical Appliances -- are best kept out of reach of small children. Also consider plug covers for your outlets.
  2. One of the best prevention measures is having a dialogue with your kids about the 'ABCs' of electrical safety.
  3. Before taking on any repair jobs or general maintenance at home, be sure to uplug all appliances from their electrical socket!
  4. If you find suspect wiring in your home or business, it's always best to consult with a certified electrician from Bakersfield Electrical Services to install, fix, or remove the wiring.
  5. Before using old extension cords, check them for damage or fraying.
  6. We recommend regular inspection of all your electrical equipment. Our electricians can always help with this too!
  7. Under no circumstances should you ever utilize an electrical appliance near water.
  8. Try to guide all your cables away from high foot-traffic zones.
  9. Always have a fire blanket and fire extinguisher in a common area of the house. Include the extinguisher in regular inspections.
  10. Each floor of the house should be installed with a smoke alarm. Regular inspections and battery replacement are essential.

Bakersfield Electricians FAQs

Lights flickering usually means there is a change in the level of power being supplied to the outlet. Storms can sometimes have an effect, but mostly it occurs when larger appliances -- air conditioners, heaters -- draw from the power system. You may need a wiring inspection if this is the case. Call Stamford Electricians on 661-218-2137 and we'll take a look!

Both protect your system against too much electricity flowing through your system, but when the current passing through a fuse maxes out, the current is stopped by a hole burning through a thin strip of metal which then needs replacing. When excess current flows through a circuit breaker it ‘trips’ the breaker, which stops the flow. The breaker can be reset by flipping its switch.

The difference between them is grounding. The third prong provides grounding and in doing so, adds protection in three ways -- to the system, to whatever is plugged in, and to you. There’s nothing wrong with two-pronged plugs, they just can’t offer the same protection, and some appliances require the third prong because of the amount of power they use.

Please don't! Please don’t ever attempt your own electrical work unless you are an certified and licensed electrician! Otherwise you risk personal injury, even death, and also damage to your property. Call Bakersfield Electricians on 661-218-2137 and let us take care of it for you!

Surge protectors are useful devices that clamp down excess voltage in your system to prevent it from damaging your appliances. Certain areas are particularly prone to power surges in which case it’s a no-brainer, but even if not, the cost of installation is far less than that of the cost of replacing all your appliances.

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