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Bakersfield Electricians is a fully licensed and insured electrical company. Locally owned and operated, our electricians are the best in the business, providing a full spectrum of electrical work and solutions for the fine residents of Bakersfield!

For over 20 years we have provided Bakersfield with residential, commercial and retail electrical solutions. Need energy efficiency? We got it. What about guaranteed results and workmanship? You bet. Safety? It’s our absolute priority. No job is too small, no job is too big, and customer satisfaction is what we strive for every day.

Our electricians are prompt, professional and experienced, and will tailor each job to your specific electrical needs with a customized quote. And we will always clearly outline the scope of every project to you so there are no surprises. This is why Bakersfield Electricians are the electricians you can trust.

You can call anytime for a consultation. Even if you just have a simple question, guess what? We want to hear from you! We are just a phone call away.

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Why Choose Us?

Serving Bakersfield’s proud residents for over 20 years.
Guaranteed results.
The best licensed Electricians in the business.
Friendly and professional staff.

Electrical problems and hazards can sneak up on you without warning. And let’s be honestm they can be dangerous for you and your family. Which is why you need the experience and excellence provided by the certified electricians of Bakersfield Electricians. We’re here for you at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s a power outage, unwanted sparks, or strange electrical smells. Don’t wait. Pick up the phone and let’s talk about it. Because when it comes to electricity, safety comes first. If you live in Bakersfield and you want to know who the best electrician near me is, then you've come to the right palce.

We’re proud to say that as an electrical company, we have an unblemished safety record. Putting our many years of experience in this line of work to task, we’ve been proactive in developing operating procedures and standards of execution that result in elite design, elite implementation, and elite workmanship. Our planning is detailed, meticulous even. And executing perfectly on that planning is what drives us to get up every morning and offer our services to our community. We have no doubt that we are the best electricians in Bakersfield, California!

Electrician Near Me Bakersfield CA

We bring you a wide range of electrical services at an affordable price point. Whether it's faulty or flickering lights, damaged cords, malfunctioning circuit breakers, faulty electrical panels, power outages and surges, or the unwanted smell of burning plastic, here are some of the many services our Bakersfield electrical contractors have to offer. Check out our services pages here:

fixing electrician and fuse box

New Construction Projects

At Bakersfield Electricians, our experienced electricians have the knowledge and expertise required to take on practically any electrical requirement your new construction project may need. There are many challenges that can arise when building a new home or building from scratch. Electrical mistakes can have ramifications that live long after the construction comes to an end. Our team has a well established record of ensuring these kinds of complications are not part of your future.

electrical wires

Custom Wiring

Laying the wiring for a new home, office building, or retail space is intricate and detailed. It demands great skill and leaves no room for mistakes. Erroneous workmanship is more often than not, costly, time-consuming to reverse and difficult to execute. Just another reason a team of skilled professionals needs to be by your side as you undertake a project of this magnitude and importance! You can rely on Bakersfield Electricians to be that team.

messy electrical wires

Appliance wiring

Although as new appliances become smarter and more energy efficient with the help of AI and advancement in design protocols, you better believe they still need an untrammeled supply of electricity to keep them running to their full potential. In fact, a failure to calculate the adequate power requirements of a new build can be a nightmare for home and business owners alike, once the construction workers have long left the building. No one wants to be making repairs on new work because it just wasn’t done right the first time.

That’s why our electricians will carefully consider the electrical load that will be placed on all your service panels and adjust the amperage, wattage and settings appropriately, to the highest professional specifications. Thus ensuring your electrical requirements are met both now and into the future.


Back Up Systems

There is no better time to install a generator or complete building back-up system, than when you’re actually constructing your home. System-wide integration, energy efficiency and reliability is so much greater when your reserve power is accounted for from the beginning. Especially in a state where power outages and surges are becoming more frequent, it is essential to know you’re safe and sound if the grid goes down. Once our electricians have completed a detailed assessment of your power demands and specification, we will go ahead and install a reliable, top-of-the-line generator of your choosing, that will protect your ability to do the essential things you need to do to keep your family running -- cooking food, taking a hot shower, running air-conditioning units during those hot summers, and having the peace of mind that comes with knowing in the case of an emergency, you have power.

Electrical Contractors Bakersfield CA

Bakersfield Electricians are a full service contractor. Meaning?
Well, apart from always providing friendly and knowledgeable customer service, where your safety always comes first, it means that we provide the full gamut of electrical services! Residential electricians? Yep. Retail electricians? Undoutedly. Commercial electricians? Tick!
Our employees are standing by to answer your questions, solve your electrical problems, and provide exceptional service, 24/7.

fuse boxes on street


When it comes to residential projects, when it comes to your home, our electricians have the right stills and experience to handle every permutation and combination of electrical work that your job may require. We’re here for you. On short notice. After hours. In the unfortunate case of an emergency. Let our family help your family.

No matter the size, scope or specificity of the project, Bakersfield Electricians electricians the ones you can trust. They install wiring for TV, phone and computer systems; wiring for pools, spas and hot tubs; as well as installing ceiling fans, breaker panels, exhaust fans, kitchen lights and fixtures, outdoor lighting and a whole lot more. Incredible service, exceptional craftsmanship and unquestionable professionalism are the staple values of our business and of our full team of electricians.

light bulbs and cool glass

Lighting Services

Did you know that substandard lighting has been linked to decreased employee productivity?

And if you consider the difference between a business’s labor costs and lighting costs, it follows that investing in a retail store lighting upgrade could really aid operational efficiency. Have you considered -- the color or ‘temperature’ of your retail lights? ‘White light’, which appears brighter to the naked eye, can energize your employees. Brightness is also important. A dimly lit work space or store can increase employee fatigue. But you know what else? It stops displays looking their best, especially in the brick’n’mortar retail space.

If you need to replace or upgrade your retail lighting system, or if you simply need some basic in-store repairs, the certified, quality electricians of Bakersfield Electricians are standing by to be of service.

light bulbs in cafe


Bakersfield Electricians offer a full array of commercial installations, repairs and build-outs for businesses and office buildings in Bakersfield. If your commercial property needs an electrician, let our team be the ones to help. We bring decades of experience to every contract we undertake, a positive attitude and the ability to execute at an elite level.

If it’s commercial electrical equipment that you need installed, trust us to keep your business’s lights on. It’s our professional guarantee that all your electrical equipment will be operating to it’s full potential and that it will be fully code compliant.

Or even invite our electricians to design and install a customized, brand new lighting system in your business. Whether it’s Emergency lights and Exit signs, or office lighting, warehouse lighting, circuitry work or parking lots, we will deliver what you need, when you need it.

We pride ourselves...

...on getting it right for you, first time, every time. Over the years we've provided literally thousands of local Bakersfield residents with the electrical support and expertise they need to feel safe and secure in their homes and businesses. No one is better at keeping the lights on than we are. That's our pledge to you! Whether it's upgrading old wiring, keeping abreast of the newest and most efficient technologies and passing them on to you, or just being there on time with a smile, when it comes to electrical companies in Bakersfield, we're #1!

It's a well known fact that engaging in even minor electrical work at home, can sometimes put you at risk. Electricity is no joke, and a fully trained and qualified electrician can see things that the average person may not. They can anticipate issue that might arise simply from having seen similar cases a thousand times before. Our electrical contractors live for the opportunity to tackle the most complex projects out there, never stopping until the job is done and our customers are completely satisfied.

No matter whether you're coming to us as a residential client or a commercial one, the basic needs are the same: reliable access to power. So you can rest assured that all our focus will be on fixing, upgrading or installing your wiring and fixtures and electrical panels so that your power demands are fully accomodated. Today. Tomorrow. And well into the future. Your electrical problems are our our electrical problems, and we will ensure your home and business keep running smoothly. We offer the best electrician rates, the best electrical repairs and the finest electrical work in the region.

General Safety Tips, Bakersfield CA

  1. Electrical Appliances -- are best kept out of reach of small children. Also consider plug covers for your outlets.
  2. One of the best prevention measures is having a dialogue with your kids about the 'ABCs' of electrical safety.
  3. Before taking on any repair jobs or general maintenance at home, be sure to uplug all appliances from their electrical socket!
  4. If you find suspect wiring in your home or business, it's always best to consult with a certified electrician from Bakersfield Electrical Services to install, fix, or remove the wiring.
  5. Before using old extension cords, check them for damage or fraying.
  6. We recommend regular inspection of all your electrical equipment. Our electricians can always help with this too!
  7. Under no circumstances should you ever utilize an electrical appliance near water.
  8. Try to guide all your cables away from high foot-traffic zones.
  9. Always have a fire blanket and fire extinguisher in a common area of the house. Include the extinguisher in regular inspections.
  10. Each floor of the house should be installed with a smoke alarm. Regular inspections and battery replacement are essential.

Bakersfield Electricians FAQs

Lights flickering usually means there is a change in the level of power being supplied to the outlet. Storms can sometimes have an effect, but mostly it occurs when larger appliances -- air conditioners, heaters -- draw from the power system. You may need a wiring inspection if this is the case. Call Stamford Electricians on 661-218-2137 and we'll take a look!

Both protect your system against too much electricity flowing through your system, but when the current passing through a fuse maxes out, the current is stopped by a hole burning through a thin strip of metal which then needs replacing. When excess current flows through a circuit breaker it ‘trips’ the breaker, which stops the flow. The breaker can be reset by flipping its switch.

The difference between them is grounding. The third prong provides grounding and in doing so, adds protection in three ways -- to the system, to whatever is plugged in, and to you. There’s nothing wrong with two-pronged plugs, they just can’t offer the same protection, and some appliances require the third prong because of the amount of power they use.

Please don't! Please don’t ever attempt your own electrical work unless you are an certified and licensed electrician! Otherwise you risk personal injury, even death, and also damage to your property. Call Bakersfield Electricians on 661-218-2137 and let us take care of it for you!

Surge protectors are useful devices that clamp down excess voltage in your system to prevent it from damaging your appliances. Certain areas are particularly prone to power surges in which case it’s a no-brainer, but even if not, the cost of installation is far less than that of the cost of replacing all your appliances.

Bakersfield Electricians

Keeping the power on in Bakersfield for two decades!

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